Miranda Update, Saturday 3pm

Sorry about the lack of updates over the past 24 hours, so I’ll fill you all in on what it’s been like.

Last night we did go back at OHSU, but we ended up at home around 9pm.

Charmaine was able to sleep for several hours (about 3-4) after we got home, but then ended up awake throughout most of the night. She spoke with the midwife on call, and was planning on using the TENS device (see here) to help with the pain in her back, which she was hoping would allow her to relax.

We arrived at OHSU this morning just after 8am, met with the midwife in Labor and Delivery, and stayed at the hospital until 2pm. We walked around the hospital, trying to get the baby into the correct position, and hoping that the real labor would begin.

Throughout the day, the contractions have varied from 2 minutes apart to 7 minutes apart.

Everything is going well, but this prolonged stage of labor is very exhausting, both mentally and physically, on Charmaine. We are now back at home, having eaten a nice lunch from Pad Thai Kitchen.

As soon as things start to ramp up again, we’ll contact the midwives and proceed accordingly.

We’ll definitely let everyone know when we’re admitted to the hospital, so please keep calls and text messages at a minimum until we give the go-ahead.

Thanks for all of the kind messages of support!

Miranda Update 9:50am


Last night Charmaine began having regular consistent contractions.

She had a difficult time sleeping through the night.

Our doula came over around 3am, and slept on the couch.

We brought all of out hospital gear with us for our 9:50 appointment with the midwife.

Will update after our visit, with our plans for the rest of the day.

Please: no calls or text messages to Charmaine for the next day or so, unless the go-ahead is given. You can contact me if urgent. Instant message is preferred, as I can access them through my phone, although I may not be able to respond quickly.