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Links for the Day – January 1, 2022

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Links for the Month – August 2020

* Lifehacker: Filling Meals You Can Make With a Can Opener and a Microwave
* Literary Hub: Powell’s Books will stop selling books through Amazon due to its “detrimental impact” on stores.
* Little White Lies: Lulu Wang is remaking a Hirokazu Koreeda drama for her next feature
* Little White Lies: Watch: In the Kitchen with Pedro Almodóvar
* MacSparky: Taming the Terminal: Free eBook on Learning to Use the Mac Terminal
* Media Play News: Disney Home Entertainment Revenue Drops in Q3
* Media Play News: Home Entertainment: Studio Fiscal Lifeline During Pandemic
* Media Play News: Netflix Testing ‘Shuffle Play’ Streaming Feature
* Media Play News: Ron Sanders Exits WarnerMedia, After Storied Career, in Management Reorganization
* Media Play News: Women in Home Entertainment 2020: The 12 Captains and What They Like to Watch, Whom They’d Like to Meet
* Media Play News: Women in Home Entertainment 2020: The Captains Can’t Do It Alone
* Michael Tsai: iMac 2020
* Michael Tsai: Setapp for iOS
* Mondo – News: Music Weekly: Tangerine Dream’s Iconic Synth Soundtrack for THIEF
* MONSTER BRAINS: Scream Covers, 1973-74
* My Modern Met: Illustrator Reimagines His Favorite Movies as Classic Paperback Books
* Netflix TechBlog: Improving our video encodes for legacy devices
* NeuroLogica Blog: Ceres an Ocean World
* NPR: Molly Wizenberg Shares Her Story Of Changing Identity In New Book, ‘The Fixed Stars’
* NPR: The Importance Of Audio Description For Subtitled Movies
* NYT: Gods, Monsters and H.P. Lovecraft’s Uncanny Legacy
* NYT: What Makes Kiarostami a Modern Master? Start Here
* NYT: When Trump Calls a Black Woman ‘Angry,’ He Feeds This Racist Trope
* Observations on film art: Is there a blog in this class? 2020
* Observations on film art: Mirror neurons and cinema: Further discussion
* Observations on film art: Welcoming Jews as heroes in an alternate 1924 Vienna
* Offspring: Use a Smart Speaker to Structure Your Kid’s At-Home School Day
* One1more2time3’s Weblog: polish poster design
* Paste: Best of Criterion’s New Releases, June and July 2020
* Pixel Envy: A Problem With RSS Is That It Needs Explaining
* ProVideo Coalition: LUMIX S5: meeting the passionate demands of all creators
* Home Entertainment Guide: August 6, 2020
* Rupert Pupkin Speaks: New Release Roundup for the week of August 11th, 2020
* Six Colors: 2020 iMac review: The last picture show
* Six Colors: Command Performance: Easy shortcuts (Member Post)
* Six Colors: First Look: macOS Big Sur Public Beta
* Spoon & Tamago: Bakers, Knitters and Illustrators are Remixing the 2025 Osaka Expo Logo
* Stratechery by Ben Thompson: Rethinking the App Store
* The Art Of Sean Phillips: Reckless
* The Atlantic: Chadwick Boseman Gave Us Something We Had Not Had Before
* The Atlantic: Chadwick Boseman Was the Definition of a Hero
* The Atlantic: Elena Ferrante’s Master Class on Deceit
* The Comics Journal: Jack Kirby: The Epic Life of the King of Comics
* the diary of a film history fanatic: July 2020 in Films
* The Digital Bits – Bill Hunt’s My Two Cents: Breaking: WarnerMedia layoffs begin with Home Entertainment heavily impacted, plus the Paramount Consent Decrees fall
* The Film Stage: First Look at Wong Kar-wai’s Decades-Spanning Drama Blossoms
* The Gentleman Stationer: Ten Classic Stationery Items Everyone Should Own
* The Guardian: Linn Ullmann on her father, Ingmar Bergman: ‘It was as if all the windows of his mind had opened’
* The Kid Should See This: Learn how to draw Totoro in one minute
* The Life and Times of David Chen: How you can help me make more stuff
* The Official Google Blog: Organize your tabs and stay productive in Chrome
* The Sweet Setup: BTS: We switched to Notion from Basecamp (at least, for now)
* The Takeout: All the Back to School Supplies Your Kid Needs for Distanced Learning, At Home or in the Classroom
* The Takeout: You Should Put Onion Rings on Your Breakfast Sandwich
* The Verge: FDA authorizes Abbott’s fast $5 COVID-19 test
* The Verge: How to use Microsoft Teams with your friends and family
* The Verge: Microsoft will bid farewell to Internet Explorer and legacy Edge in 2021
* todayilearned: TIL of Hawaii’s “Forbidden Isle”, an island bought by a Scottish woman for $10,000 in 1864. Access to the island or its 170 inhabitants requires special permission from the woman’s great-great grandsons, who still own and control the island.
* TorrentFreak: LimeWire Developer Creates MuWire, an Anonymous File-Sharing Application
* Trailers From Hell: The City Without Jews
* Trailers From Hell: The Complete Films of Agnes Varda
* Trailers From Hell: The Sin of Nora Moran
* Trailers From Hell: Toni
* Trailers From Hell: Town Bloody Hall
* Typeset In The Future: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
* Live From the Space Stage: A HALYX Story
* Star Turns
* Willamette Week: Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing Location Will Reopen This Week
* Wirecutter: The 16 Best Gifts for 10-Year-Olds
* Wirecutter: The Best School Supplies for Back to School
* WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine”
* YouTube: How I Use ScreenFlow to Make These Videos
* YouTube: One-on-one interview/discussion with Carlos Cuarón
* YouTube: The Silent Curse – (Zelda Botw meets Princess Mononoke)
* YouTube: Thoughts on Chadwick Boseman’s passing
* YouTube: WORLD OF TOMORROW EPISODE THREE – teaser trailer

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