Criterion’s 3 Reasons

The Criterion Collection has recently begun producing short videos, in anticipation of their upcoming releases. So far they’ve released videos for The Sweet Smell Of Success (available February 22nd on DVD and Blu-ray), The Times Of Harvey Milk (available March 22nd on DVD and Blu-ray), and Topsy Turvy (available March 29th on DVD and Blu-ray).

I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the quality, and initiative shown by these clips. For the most part, we accept whatever Criterion has decided to include in the Collection, without any real insight into why they chose them. With these short videos, we get a look inside the thought process that went into the decision to include this film.

I can’t wait to see which film they choose next, and hopefully they’ll go back and produce these for films already in the Criterion Collection.

Waiting at the Airport

So I managed to secure a seat on an earlier flight out of JFK, but I’ll be briefly stopping in San Francisco instead of going to directly to Portland. Another option was to stop in Salt Lake City, but I didn’t want to risk getting stuck there due to snow.

My new flight is slightly delayed due to the snow outside, but I should be getting into Portland around 10pm pacific.

While I’m waiting, Delta has set up these little work stations, complete with iPads for their customers to play with and order food from. They also have two power outlets and four USB ports! Amazing times we live in. If I can, I’m sticking with Delta going forward.