Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

  • Just finished recording a fun discussion with the @Inputoutcast Podcast on the new fall line-up. Thanks to @rachelmercer and @alxjrvs. #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Episode 006.5 – Disc 2 [Check out our new episode!] #
  • Apparently we're having technical difficulties with the stream on the blog. You can listen to the latest episode in iTunes no problem though #
  • @GWCChuck I could use some new Cookies and Beer myself! in reply to GWCChuck #
  • @slashfilm just start an anonymous Twitter account for secret screening rumours. I won't snitch. in reply to slashfilm #
  • RT: @HobbitCast: Today is the anniversary of the first publishing of The Hobbit, in 1937! Happy Anniversary! #
  • @russfischer Are you heading to Fantastic Fest? in reply to russfischer #
  • RT: @Lifehacker: Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRAs Available for Download as a Free Ebook #investing #
  • @Devindra Tweetdeck has been really buggy lately, sometimes when I open it, none of the columns load. in reply to Devindra #
  • @russfischer jesus, take care of yourself in that mess, is your house flooding? in reply to russfischer #
  • @russfischer good to hear. Do you have insurance on your film/game/gadget collection? in reply to russfischer #
  • @devincf Do you keep a storage unit also for movies and toys & whatnot? or keep stuff back home with your family? Or crammed into your apt? in reply to devincf #
  • @Devindra They've already reached their 100 invite limit! Slashfilm readers are fast. in reply to Devindra #
  • Booklovers, McSweeney's has unveiled it's iPhone app! Unfortunately it's not free, but looks great. #
  • @davechensky I agree, it's important to differentiate between a columnist and a reporter. in reply to davechensky #
  • @colliderfrosty @firstshowing @drewathitfix Does this Ultimate Cut only have two versions of the film instead of three? Will we get another? #
  • @badgerspoon I was just riding behind a car with this bumper sticker, and thought of you. #
  • I love finding new private trackers with amazing content. God bless you, schmit schmorrents. #
  • @scottEweinberg I do. in reply to scottEweinberg #
  • Watching Serenity again on HD-DVD, working on some more paintings for the show. Thinking about Reaver continuity. #
  • @davechensky I don't understand why they still stuff them with those cards, even when you're already subscribing. in reply to davechensky #
  • To continue with this night of painting and watching HD-DVD's, I'm putting on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Bring on the robots! #
  • @aaroneiche I keep putting it off, I've had the disc since the launch, but I'm scared. in reply to aaroneiche #
  • @Devindra yeah, sometimes it just seems excessive. in reply to Devindra #
  • Alright wootoff, bring me some amazing movie deals. #
  • Is there some sort of desktop app that will show me up to the minute Woot information? #
  • It would be pretty sweet if someone made a live action Batman film in the style of Sky Captain… ala The Animated Series. #
  • RT @ToplessRobot: Kristin Wiig at the Emmys in a DarthVader-inspired dress (via @GreatWhiteSnark) [holy hell, Wiig wins #
  • @Matt_Grigsby seriously, where are all the movies? in reply to Matt_Grigsby #
  • @devincf if you use Tweetdeck, you can have it expand the tiny url's before you launch them in your browser in reply to devincf #
  • @devincf you can also install the powertwitter firefox plug-in, that helps out with the web interface in reply to devincf #
  • Custom Crank 2 Audio Commentary, courtesy of an AV Club commenter: #
  • @badgerspoon I just did a google search for that phrase, lots of options. in reply to badgerspoon #
  • Check this video out — Robert Burden's Battle Cat #
  • T-minus 2 weeks to my art opening at @blackwagon on N Mississippi! Oct 8th. Come and see my new works, lots of robots and octopuses. #
  • Hey all you film sites: are any of you going to have a Star Wars Clone Wars dvd/blu-ray giveaway for the upcoming season 1 release? #
  • Here's a sneak peak, exclusive look at my @blackwagon paintings in the process. Such a procrastinator! #
  • RT @ms_charmaine: To-Fu Yung. #
  • If you can't get enough people talking about Inglourious Basterds, check out the FilmTalk Podcast: Great stuff. #
  • @CousinEerie I'll sell them if people will buy them. in reply to CousinEerie #
  • @mrbeaks haha, we saw it at comic con. quote: "you mean universal health care?" I have a feeling this show is going to crash and burn. in reply to mrbeaks #
  • @emilynine If you listen to @CriterionCast and enter our trivia contests, you can win $10 @Criterion gift certificates! in reply to emilynine #
  • Holy beets, tonights episode of The Office had me laughing harder than I'd laughed at it in ages. Great stuff. #
  • RT @EricDSnider: But more to the point, here's a picture of a bearsharktopus. #
  • For anyone with any power in these matters, I really want Cosmos on Blu-Ray. Give me Carl in high-def. #
  • Check this video out — Carl Sagan – 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Cosmos Remixed) #
  • Hey all you sour candy lovers, I just tried the Jolly Rancher: Screaming Sours. Verdict=skip them. #
  • RT @amazondeals: Deal of the Day: $29.99 – Choose from one of three James Bond Blu-ray Three-Packs #
  • @devincf what about the Straw Dogs remake? in reply to devincf #
  • The latest episode of the @inputoutcast with @rachelmercer and @AlxJrvs contains a special appearance by yours truly. #
  • @mrsbaby_cakes Hey Lauren! It's been so long! in reply to mrsbaby_cakes #
  • Heading down to Tinys for coffee and reading, prepping for today's recording of @CriterionCast, we're discussing @Criterion #314: Pickpocket #
  • I subscribed to davechensipod's channel on YouTube #
  • RT @wootoff $17.99 : Framed Star Wars Film Cells #
  • After a long @CriterionCast recording session, I'm eating pizza rolls and watching the series premier of Bored to Death. Dollhouse is next! #
  • So is Craigslist a sponsor for this show?I think it gives an overly optimistic portrayal of Craigslist response time. #
  • @gwcaudra Tonights Dollhouse premier features poofy-haired Lee! (Jamie Bamber). #
  • Just created a Crackle account. Mostly to watch Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. #
  • Finally watching the season premier of Heroes. Fingers crossed. #
  • Video: PICKPOCKET trailer (via theauteurscinema) We are going to be reviewing Pickpocket on The CriterionCast… #
  • This Guitar Hero ad in the middle of the Heroes premier is not very subtle. #
  • Our @CriterionCast episode on Picketpocket (@Criterion #314) is in the can, and ready to be edited. Look for it in a few days! #
  • Audio: Cue the Film – District 9 – Splice In this episode of Cue the Film, Emily invited Rudie Obias and I to… #
  • Audio: In this episode of Cue the Film, Emily invited Carl and I to discuss Stephen Sommer

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Alright, time to end this season of True Blood! Let’s do this. Bring on the blood and southern accents. #
  • Ah Jason Stackhouse, yes, if a tree falls in the forest, it is still indeed a tree. #
  • @moviegeeks Did you guys build your wordpress theme yourselves? #
  • Are you looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter? Check out Tweetdecks new directory: #
  • If Bruce Campbell gets to be a villain in the next Spiderman movie(s), I want to see him as Kraven the Hunter! #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06

  • Finally working some more on, enjoying The Two Towers Extended with the Directors/Writers Commentary. Great Sunday work. #
  • @slashfilm I need my ipod for listening to podcasts all day, so that my phone still has a charge for my internet browsing. in reply to slashfilm #
  • Enjoying some coffee, fries, and a vegan greek salad at Hungry Tiger Too. @CriterionCast Episode 5 is up on iTunes, blog to follow soon. #
  • If you haven’t listened to it already, the latest episode of the IFC Podcast has a great discussion on movie spoilers, check it out. #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

CriterionCast Episode 1 – Chungking Express

Picture 1
Chungking Express

I recently teamed up with Rudie Obias and Travis George, creating the latest and greatest podcast on the internet: CriterionCast.

Our first episode discussing Wong Kar-Wai’s 1994 film Chungking Express is now posted on iTunes (click here). Feel free to subscribe and add any feedback you have for us.

You can check out The CriterionCast blog here.