Links for the Day – October 11, 2018

* Insecure DP Ava Berkofsky on Avoiding “Seinfeld Shots,” Faking Coachella and Lighting Mega-Churches
* Panos Cosmatos: ‘Nicolas Cage is a very special creature’
* Mandy
* The Image Book
* Official US Trailer for Documentary ‘Searching for Ingmar Bergman’
* Searching for Ingmar Bergman – Official U.S. Trailer – Oscilloscope Laboratories HD
* Pocket read-it-later app updated with one-tap listening, fresh design
* 295: Outlets That Suck
* SmartBackup 4.2 Is Now Free
* Joan Crawford, William Castle and more from Indicator in December
* Kino: 4K Restoration of The Atomic Cafe Detailed for Blu-ray
* The Night is Short, Walk on Girl Blu-ray
* These are the finalists for the 2018 National Book Awards