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  • @kevincarr Are you sure that you're not already featured on People of Walmart? in reply to kevincarr #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Do you enjoy listening to our show? Write us a review on iTunes! #
  • Is there a good backup utility for Google Docs? So that I can have local copies when the internet is down? On a mac? #
  • Holy crap, Firefly is on sale at Best Buy for $12.99! It's backordered, but lock in the price! #
  • @kevincarr that sounds both hilarious and awesome. I'll keep my eyes out and vote for you. in reply to kevincarr #
  • Tonight's Mad Men: "The Grown Ups," was directed by Barbet Schroeder (General Idi Amin + Koko the Talking Gorilla + Ma

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  • Watching: Endgame w/ William Hurt, Chiwetel Ejiofor & Jonny Lee Miller. The end of apartheid in S. Africa and the release of Nelson Mandela. #
  • You should all change the channel onto your PBS affiliate, and watch this Masterpiece Contemporary film. #
  • @kevincarr do you have a gmail account? in reply to kevincarr #
  • Dude, Lester Freeman (Clarke Peters) is Nelson Mandela in Endgame! This tele-film just gained a thousand geek points. #
  • RT @ebertchicago: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire co-starring in a remake of "The Third Man? vomitvomitwomit. #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Podthoughts by Colin Marshall: "The Criterioncast" |… #
  • Did you know that you can still get Mongol on Blu-Ray for $10? Do it. #
  • Heres a link straight to the Amazon page, sorry about that last one. Again, Mongol BluRay for $10 #
  • @Emilyfromohio what if they gave it to you in high definition without commercials? Or with bonus materials? deleted scenes? commentary? in reply to Emilyfromohio #
  • @Vactor Dude, I'm totally buying that player right this second. in reply to Vactor #
  • @FilmmakerMag I just had a traumatic Snow Leopard experience using Garageband the other day when we were recording @CriterionCast. in reply to FilmmakerMag #
  • @Vactor $99 with netflix streaming, that's what I've been waiting for. in reply to Vactor #
  • RT @mashable 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs #
  • Hmm, no costume designer for Christmas Carol? Is that something to promote? #
  • @elguapo1 Is that a Steven Seagal reference? Under Siege? in reply to elguapo1 #
  • RT: @TVShowsOnDVD: Fraggle Rock: The Animated Series – Lionsgate Releasing The Complete Series DVDs: #
  • @thepretension If you ever come up to Portland, we'll treat you to some freaking delicious Thai food. in reply to thepretension #
  • Alright movie friends: what are the MUST OWN blu-rays? #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Episode 010 – John Huston's Under The Volcano (@Criterion) #
  • Watching Bergman Island on my new BluRay player! I have finally joined the 21st century. @Criterion #
  • @SouthJerseyBlu interesting, I ordered it on Amazon when it was around $15, and it took well over a month to fill the order. in reply to SouthJerseyBlu #
  • RT @whiskeyred: The Third Man Criterion Blu-ray Going Out of Print #
  • Today's @Criterion release: Costa Gavras' Z. #
  • @stephsmith Thanks, I enjoyed trying to take the subject half-serious, and delve into what his movies are all about. in reply to stephsmith #
  • So I think I'm going to move to Audacity to record the show instead of using Garageband, anything I should worry about? #
  • @alpacaherder Well, Garageband crashed the other day while recording, and it feels like its using more system resources now in snow leopard in reply to alpacaherder #
  • @alpacaherder I have skype and audio hijack running when I'm using Garageband. It was fine under Leopard. in reply to alpacaherder #
  • Just installed the @feedly add-on for Firefox, pretty freaking slick rss reader / bookmark interface. Check it out: #
  • Hey Portland friends, are any of you going to see Video Games Live at the Oregon Symphony? #
  • RT @GreatWhiteSnark: Hellgirl cosplay. You know how you always wondered how Hellboy & Abe Sabien would look w/ boobs? #
  • Twitter friends, I don't want to watch it, so tell me: how can they call it the Dawn of the Dinosaurs? #
  • RT: @ebertchicago: Next McSweeney's mag will be a San Francisco Sunday newspaper including 16 pages of comics. #
  • @thepretension no twitpic of said donut? in reply to thepretension #
  • This week's "On the Media" is a great look at the music industry and it's relationship with the internet. #
  • @GWCChuck people can use something like delicious, to tag articles with a common term, like for:gwc, and then everyone can see them. in reply to GWCChuck #
  • @Powells Thank you for adding the book title to the used book alerts subject line! So much nicer. #
  • RT: @getsconed: pdx vegan parents – check this out! #
  • @devincf what if it's a Planet of the Apes name? in reply to devincf #
  • RT: @getsconed: RT @illintechnology $1 sandwich sale at @sweetpeabaking! Hurry, don't know how long it will last. #
  • Hey great music lovers: Free Philip Glass sampler available on amazon: #
  • Brizzly Gets A New Coat: Facebook #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Get "The Third Man" @Criterion Blu-Ray while they're still available! Only $23.99 on Amazon: #
  • The animation on this Monsters vs Aliens Halloween special is actually pretty sweet. #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Criterion Deal/News! The Third Man Blu-Ray Going Out of Print? #
  • RT @CriterionCast: @Criterion News! Kurosawa Art Director Yoshir? Muraki Passes Away #
  • Dang, that Avatar International Trailer is so much better than what we've seen so far. I wish they would have shown that on Avatar Day. #
  • Is there a way to modify the block quote border in Google Docs? To make the dotted line darker? #
  • Berlinale to screen restored uncut version of Lang's METROPOLIS: Thanks Variety! #
  • @kino_intl Do you have the distribution rights to the new print of Metropolis that will be premiering in Berlin? Will we see it on BluRay? #
  • RT @THR: Anthony Hopkins to play Thor's father, Odin #
  • RT @CriterionCast: Episode 010.5 – Disc 2 – On the Screen & Bonus Discussions #
  • So, is there a trick to playing Yahoo's qtl files for their HD trailers in Quicktime 10 in Snow Leopard? Do I have to watch them with 7? #
  • RT @mashable

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